Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heavenly Gondola maintnance crew

My salute to the brave men who keep the Heavenly gondola running safely...

They climb the ski lift pole and rapell down the wire checking every inch of the wire: That's more than 2.4 miles of sliding down a wire with nothing between you and the ground except a safety harness and your budies on the roof of the next cab. A wire you have to check BECAUSE it just might have worn through carrying 60,000 people up the hill over the winter.

That's 3,500 vertical feet from Heavenly village to the top on this gondola plus these guys have to check another bigger and steeper tramway up the face in California and 96 smaller ski lifts, too, before they can move on to their main job of installing new ones later this summer.

Heavenly Erection Crew: They can get it up!

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