Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tahoe Business Expo 2012

Over 1000 people attended the Tahoe Business Expo at Harrah's convention center on April 30, 2011; and I talked to a lot of 'em. 

FEATURING:Jane Rothman - Lake Tahoe's Alive App
Shannon McIssac - Tahoe Chamber of Commerce
Alison Green -
The DaVinci surgical robot (and robot dancers) - Barton Health
"Sonar Jet" Original music by Donnie Sanders (used by permission)
Tracy Franklin - City of South Lake Tahoe
Beach Hut Deli of South Lake Tahoe @BeachHutSLT
Guide Sean - Lake Tahoe Adventures
Tony Lyle - Tahoe Queen / M.S. Dixie II
Johannes Nemster - Discover Lake Tahoe Tours
Joe Dalton - Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center
Kimberly Kuntz - Tahoe Daily Tribune
Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District
Tim Treat - Winters Electric
Whittell High School Warriors booster

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tahoe Summit 2011

The 2011 Tahoe Summit was an annual meeting of the senators and governors from California and Nevada at Homewood ski resort in Lake Tahoe in August 2011.

The leaders met to discuss regional issues including water clarity, invasive species, and the risk of catastrophic wildfire. They discussed Nevada's threatenedpullout from the TRPA under SB 271, as well as UC Davis Tahoe Educational Research Center's State of Lake Tahoe Report. They then signed the Lake Tahoe Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) agreement, which obliges the states to meet water quality standards for the next 65 years, eventually returning Lake clarity to the 100+ feet of clarity that was available in historic times.

Sen Dianne Feinstein

US Senator Dianne Feinstein of California hosted the event last year, introducing all of the other speakers. She praised the Tahoe scientific and preservation community, including the TRPA, Tahoe Transportation District, USGS, forest service, and local fire agencies. She spoke of her longtime comittment to the environment, including her personal experiences with having her staff threatened by wildfire in Lake Tahoe, and her long record of comittment to fully funding Tahoe's environmental needs.

California Gov. Jerry Brown

California Governor Jerry Brown spoke eloquently about the need to balance human needs with the needs of a fragile environment, noting that lake clarity persisted for 10,000 years without the influence of modern people but that we simply have a much more intensive lifestyle in the modern word. He stressed the shortness of human lifespans relative to natural cycles and the need to find a balance where both human and environmental needs are met.

Nevada Gov. Brain Sandoval

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval talked about his personal experiences growing up visiting the 4-H camp at Lake Tahoe and how it made him respect the area. He spoke of the value of public-private partnerships to improve water quality like the Sierra Colina project in Incline Village, as well as the need for vigilance about invasive species. He also briefly addressed S.B. 271, the ever-controversial plan to threaten Nevada's participation in the interstate compact that governs Lake Tahoe.

Click here to see my video begging him NOT to sign SB 271!

Sen. Harry Reid

US Senator Harry Ried of Nevada talked about the history of environmental regulation in Lake Tahoe, (most of which HE personally made happen) including the Burton-Santini Act (1980) which created the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and made the first public policy of reserving lands at Lake Tahoe for environmental protection; as well as the SNPLMA - Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (1998), which allowed the sale of federal lands outside Las Vegas to pay for environmental restoration statewide, as well as in Lake Tahoe.

Sen. Dean Heller

Newly minted US Senator Dean Heller, freshly appointed by Governor Sandoval after John Ensign's resignation took the occasion to prais the firefighters who protect Lake Tahoe (including his own son) and raise the contrarian idea of decentralizing the management of Lake Tahoe and devolving control back to the counties and cities of the area, and reducing the regulatory burden on citizens and small businesses. On the TRPA: "Now is the time to re-evaluate the purpose and goals of that agency to get it back to its original purpose."

Finally, Niel Blumenfeld, a representative from the US Environmental Protection Agency gave a demonstration of how dust affects water quality before the TMDL he described as "a diet for Lake Tahoe" was cerimonally signed by both governors.

Also featuring:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Introducing Archive Week

I've been on my YouTube channel about two years now, and I've had a longstanding policy of only posting material that is "fresh". Because of this, I have a huge pile of content that has been sitting around for a while.  All of this content is long out of date (sometimes quite a few months past being shot) because it got held for things that never happened or had some technical problems and never got back to.  Though the material is unpublished, almost all of it is as good as the stuff on the rest of my channel, and some of it is stuff that I strongly feel should be seen.

So, starting this week, I'm beginning a new feature on my channel called "Archive Week" The third week of every month I'm going to finish one of these long unfinished gems and finally get around to posting it to my channel.  I promise it'll be a treasure trove of interesting and informative content.

March: The Tahoe Summit

This week, we're starting with probably the most important event I ever personally filmed, the 2011 Tahoe Summit, where all of Lake Tahoe's political leaders met to sign the Total Maximum Daily Load agreement and discuss the state of Nevada's withdrawl from the TRPA under SB-271. This video features:
  • Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NV)
  • Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA)
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
  • Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)
  • Senator Dean Heller (R-NV)
  • Marcia McNutt (USGS)
Plus reps from:
  • Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA)
  • League to Save Lake Tahoe
  • Tahoe Rim Trail Association
  • Tahoe Transportation District
  • US Forest Service
  • Tahoe Conservation District
and more.

April: Big Yellow Taxi

Next month I will release the long-awaited music video for "Big Yellow Taxi" featuring the Funky White Soul Man himself, Donnie Sanders -- As I promised in the day, it is the most rockin remake of Joni Mitchell's classic environmentalist anthem ever made (though it sounds VERY different now than the version in that tag.) It was originally scheduled for Earth Day 2011 but we wound up in a nationwide collaboration with many different people to get it done, so it'll be coming out Earth Day 2012 instead.

May: Gold Country Adventure

In September 2011 I went to Washington, CA and Nevada City, CA for a gold panning trip; panned for gold all day and didn't find  any.  Well, I've finally figured out what I was doing wrong and I can now make a very instructive video on gold panning. 

Future Months (in no particular order)

  • The &qout;Tahoe Expo" (orig from last June) featuring authors, environmentalists, and vendors (may be in several parts as the footage is 3 hours long)
  • Public service / environmentalist video about the Sugar Pine Foundation
  • Gold Country Adventure in Nevada City (gold panning)
  • PSA about the Tahoe recycling center
  • Tourist video about Red Lake resovoir
  • Very Early video about the history of the toll roads around tahoe
  • Video tour of public art and lightbox art in Lake Tahoe
To keep up with all my future activities, follow me on Google Plus!
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 2012: Spring Break, Drive By Truckers, 311, Sublime, George Thorogood

Spring Break in Tahoe: High Up Music Festival at Kirkwood!

Click here for the playlist of all the bands and comics playing Lake Tahoe in March 2011

March 1-4 Graham Elwood and David Feldman @ Improv @ Harvey's
March 2-11 North Tahoe Snow fest: polar bear swim, hometown parades,
March 2  Fireworks @ Squaw Valley
  Lake Valley Firefighter's Ball @ Montbleu ballroom
  Ancient Mystic @ Rojo's Tavern
March 3-4 Rhalves Banzai freeskiing tour @ Squaw Valley,
March 3  George Thorogood and the Destroyers @ Harrah's South Shore room
  Mustache Party @ Opal at the MontBleu
  Deep Fried Mojo @ 7800 at Kirkwood
  Tainted Love @ Crystal Bay Club
  The Space Cowboys @ Jake's on the Lake in Truckee
  Heyoka, Sci-Fy, Dub Calling, Ro Knew, Irieys @ American Legion
March 4  Polar bear plunge
  Rose's Pawn Shop w/ Bandit and Lonsome Locomotive @ American Leigion
March 6  311 w/ The Dirty Heads @ Montbleu
  We Rage, K Theory, Gurbrron anmd J Mouth @ Crystal Bay Club
March 7-11 Greg Fitzsimmons @ Dana Eagle @ Improv @ Harvey's
March 7  Tony D'Andrea, Mark G, Myles Weber of Tahoe Comedy north @ Crystal Bay Club
March 9-10 Tahoe Youth Ballet winter repertory preform "Giselle" and "Into the Trees" @ Cal Neva
March 9  Wild and Scenic Film Festival @ Montbleu
  Tony Furtado / Brothers Comatose @ Crystal Bay Club
  Envirusment w/ Angerhead @ RoJos Tavern
  Dead Winter Carpenters feat. Dad's LPs @ American Legion
  Kiwanis 31st Annual Crab Feed @ Harrah's
  St. Baldrick's Head shaving for Cancer! @ Tahoe Ice Arena
March 10 Paul Revere and the Raiders @ Harrah's South Shore Room
  Billy Gardell (of "Mike and Molly") @ Montbleu
  Keyser Sose @ 7800' at Kirkwood
  Papa Grows Funk, Vinyl feat. Daryl Hance (of Mofro) @ Crystal Bay Club
March 11 Sublime, ROME, and Everlast @ Montbleu
  Tahoe Cross Country area gourmet ski tour @ Tahoe City
  Umphrees McGee feat. Howlin Rain @ Crystal Bay CLub
March 12 Dehli 2 Dublin @ Mo's Place
March 13 Bass Cadet w/ Micah J @ Crystal Bay Club
  Party Marty feat. Smasheltooth @ Lakeside at Night
March 15 Hard Rock Cafe battle of the bands @ Harvey's Hard Rock Cafe
  Relaxonic soundscape experience @ Tahoe Wellness Center
March 16-18 Kirkwood Freeride flow festival (Yoga, backcountry skiing, and music)
  Feat. Justin Martin and Michael Mennert
  Beatles tribute band Rain @ Pioneer center in Reno
March 16 Tahoe St. Patrick's Day parade, afterparty 6-10pm
  Afrofunk Experience w/ Mojo Green
  Vokab Company w/ Sub-Reactor @ Whisky Dick's saloon
March 17 St. Patrick's Day (specials EVERYWHERE, esp. Murphy's Irish Pub, McP's)
  Lyons Club Corned Beef and Cabage event Community Arts Center in Truckee
  Drive By Truckers @ Harrah's South Shore Room (on
  Hot Buttered Rum / Cornmeal, afterparty with The Congress @ Crystal Bay Club
  Vampirates, The Firebombing, and Kill the Precedent (feat. The Hoods, Decepticons) @ Whisky Dick's saloon
  Groovebox @ 7800' at Kirkwood 
March 18 The Danger Bees @ 7800' in Kirkwood
March 19 Capadonna (of Wu-Tang Clan) @ Mo's Place
March 20 Matt the Alien w/ Trevor Kelly @ Crystal Bay Club
March 22 George Clinton w/ Parliament Funkadelic @ Montbleu
March 23 Acorn Project @ Crystal Bay Club
March 24 High-Up fest feat. Iration, Collie Buddz, New Kingston, The Movement, Zion I, Kelly james @ 7800' @ Kirkwood
  Afterparty w/ Weapon, DJ Chronic, and DJ Auddisy
  Rock Sugar @ Harrah's South Shore Room
  Rob Schneider @ Montbleu
  Murderlicious, Falling to Pieces, Cursed @ Whisky Dick's Saloon
  Flex Bronco @ Rojos
  Duran Duran tribute @ Crystal Bay Club
  Late Nite w/ Sean Murry @ Crystal Bay CLub
March 25 Melvin Seals and JGB @ Mo's Place
  Galactic w/ Corey Glover & Corey Henry @ Crystal Bay Club
March 26 Conspirator w/ Marc Brownstein and Aaron Manger @ Crystal Bay Club
March 30 Tahoe Business Expo @ Harrah's Convention Center
  Green attire dance at the Senior Center feat. Tahoe Dance Band
  "Local's Showcase" Tim Snyder sound society w/ Jellybrerad @ Crystal Bay Club
March 31 Blue Oyster Cult @ Harrah's South Shore Room
  Head for the Hills @ Crystal Bay Club
  Good Neighbor Donation Day @ Heavenly Village
  Scarub @ 7800' at Kirkwood 
May 4 Chickenfoot tickets go on sale Friday; they sell out fast so contact the harvey's box office if you want some.

Events Every week:

MONDAYS: DJ Sonar at Rojo's Bar
TUESDAYS: "Mindfull Massive" @ Whisky Dick's saloon -- Live Music every month
   Karaoke night at Rojos w/ Troy Helenek
WEDNESDAY: Dirty dubstep DJs @ Opal at the Montbleu, Open Mic night @ Rojo's
THURSDAYs: Shred Night apres ski party big screen snow flicks, lift tix, super drink specials, board games @ The Flight Deck at Tahoe Airport
    Dubstep DJ Billy Wonka and friends @ Whisky Dick's saloon
   Tony's Open mic @ American Legion
FRIDAYS:  Apres ski party @ VEX at Harrah's
   Open Mic @ 7800
   Karaoke @ Lakeside Inn
FRI-SAT:  Karaoke @ Horizon Aspen Bar
SATURDAY: Free indoor pool party @ Montbleu
   Live Jazz @ Tahoe Biltmore
THURS-MON: "Illusion Fusion" w/ Alex Ramon @ Horizon
    Improv @ Harvey's comedy show

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 2012 Tahoe Concert Playlist

Playing this month: George Thorogood, 311, Sublime, Drive By Truckers, and more...






March 2012 Concert Playlist

If your browser dosn't support embedded playlists Click Here to see the playlist on YouTube.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Camera phone photography tips video

How to Take Better pictures with your camera phone

How to take better pictures with your camera phone:

Taking better pictures with your camera phone is easy, I can teach you everything you need to know about using an Android smartphone to do photography in less than 15 minutes on a walk through Khale Park to Nevada beach in Lake Tahoe.

These photography tips include advice on: Chosing a vantage point, photographic composition, the rule of 3rds, touch to focus, pinch to zoom, instant upload, sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and google+, how to set your location accurately with GPS Status app, how to avoid oversharing, and more...

Check out the photography tips blog that goes with this video. Follow +Jack Durst on Google+ to see my pictures I tweet from my cell phone camera.