Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tahoe Summit 2013 - Harry Reid introduces Al Gore

You've been welcomed, I welcome you again.  Especially I want to acknowledge Dianne Feinstein, who has been a partner in this operation since she came to the senate.  Dianne Feinstein has had a love affiar with this great lake since she was a child.  Her visits here those many years ago recognized the quality of this natural resource, the beauty of nature.  I acknowledge governor Brown and governor Sandoval and I've said this before and I'll say it again: they've set an example with this beautiful part of the world in acknowledging that a progressive governor and a conservative governor can work together for the good of the people of their states.  So, thank you very much, governors.

We didn't get a confirmation of this until the last minute, but I'm so thankful and we're all fortunate to have with us today the Russian ambassador to the United States, ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and I'm sorry because we didn't know he was coming but I would like somebody to escort the ambassador up here... [applause] I've had the good fortune and I appreciate very much the many courtesies he's extended to me.  He's always available, always returns his phone calls, even though sometimes the subject of the conversation isn't the most pleasant.  We work together and I have great admiration for him because he and I do our best working for the betterment of our two sovereign nations.  Thank you very much for being the first Russian ambassador ever to see Lake Tahoe.

You see, one reason that he's interested in this beautiful lake is that in his country, they have the other lake.  There are only two alpine glacial lakes in the world, Lake Tahoe and Lake Baikal.  Now, I told him today that he is not to boast about the size of Lake Baikal. [laughter] We love this lake that we share with California.  It is a beauty of nature.  Lake Baikal is interesting: it's 400 miles long and 50 miles wide, and that lake has more than 20% of all the fresh water in the world in that one lake.  They have freshwater seals and all kinds of unusual animals.

 Now, we have done some really good things: we have now the Tahoe-Baikal institute that has been going on for a significant number of years. [applause] It's a program of cultural and environmental exchanges between students and academics.  It's a wonderfull organization.  I've been to Lake Baikal: it is stunning, and if Mark Twain could've seen that he would've said the same thing about Lake Baikal that he said about Lake Tahoe "the fairest place in all the earth."  and I'm confident that these two places, Lake Baikal and Lake Tahoe are two of the fairest places in all the earth.  We should all be proud that we have done so much to preserve both these lakes.  We can criticize the former Soviet Union and russia all we want, but we should acknowledge that they have done a great job of protecting that great lake.

See more pictures of Sand Harbor on Google+ 

So, let's talk a little bit about really how this summit came about, how the first one came about.  I was a junior senator and I had been coming to the lake for a long time.  I was elected to my first statewide office in 1970 and everyone complained about Lake Tahoe.  The quality of the lake wasn't what it used to be, and so I was up here and the press said "What are you going to do about it?"  and what I wanted to say was "How the hell am I supposed to know?  I don't know." but, what I did say is this: "I think the only thing left is a presidential summit."  Now, folks, I'd never been to a presidential summit, I frankly didn't know they existed.  [laughter]

But I called my friend Al Gore.  Al Gore and I have known each other since 1982.  If there were ever two non-blood brothers in the world it's him and I.  I just think so much of him because he's been so good to me and I've tried to reciprocate.  And I said, "Mr. Vice President, here's what we have, and what I've asked for is a presidential summit.  Will you help me?"  and he said "Yes."   Now, as I look back at how I felt about this 16 years ago, I knew this basin was at risk: I knew that algae was growing, I knew that lake temperatures had increased, but I thought 'well, maybe we'll have a good photo op.' but that isn't how it worked.

Gore and Clinton, they weren't going to settle for a photo-op.  They had four cabinet officers come here, not only for a visit but to do hearings with the people here.  Environmentalists, developers, state and local government and more than 50 organizations participated.  It was really something.  Now I can look back, and, actually, we spent two days that first summit, it wasn't something that was good for our states from a public relations perspective for one day, not just for our nation, but it was an international event for two days, and people focused on this great part of nature that was being hurt.  And, it was a wonderfull event.  And we finished this event with speeches that were given, but as soon as we finished it, there was a presidential executive order designating this lake as a national priority; and that's the main reason that we've been able to spend here since that time $1.8 billion dollars.  Pretty good, huh?

I had the good fortune about a month ago to go to the renaming of the Environmental Protection Agency complex in Washington, DC, Named after President Clinton; and that speech he gave was a typical Clinton speech. He pretended it was unprepared, but it was prepared.  [laughter] and he started by saying (and this is paraphrasing but pretty close to every word) he said "I'm gonna lay out the things that we've done for the environment during my 8 years as president..." and he said "We've done a lot, but I want everyone here to understand that everything I'm going to talk about could never have happened without Al Gore."  and he said "Al Gore was the quarterback of the things I'm going to talk about."

Well, I have already told you how I feel about this good man.  He has been a member of the congress of the United States, where we first met, a United States senator, Vice President of the United States, ran for president twice (I supported him both times) but the most significant thing he has done was to alert the world to what's happening to our world. He's been tireless.  He devotes the vast majority of his time to explaining to the world, not just the United States, the world, what's happening to this world.  Now, when the history books are written about this era and other eras; when they're written about this era they're going to talk about the most important messenger that has existed for saving this Earth: it's my pleasure to introduce Al Gore.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tahoe Summit 2013 - Dianne Feinstein on the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act

Well, in 1997 it was the worst, and lake clarity actually dropped something like 22 feet the week after this.  Thanks to Jeff Schladow's latest paper that's been put put, since '97 we have gained 11 feet in lake clarity.  [applause] And, when we began our bills, I really didn't know what was going to work and what wasn't.  So we tried to combine a number of different things and be very prudent, and lake clarity is more or less a guide.  It goes up, and it goes down, but the trend line has to be that the clarity improves because then we know that the things we are doing have achieved a benefit.

I also want to express to you that this partnership is multidimensional: it is not JUST the federal government.  It is the federal government, it is each state putting in funds.  We had $1.69 billion spent (that's an awful lot of money) in the last 10 years and the important thing is to see if that $1.69 billion dollars is working.  The federal share was $554 million, the California share was $647 million (Thank you, Jerry, Thank you John), the Nevada share was $110 million plus $200 million from the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act.  Local governments put in $73 million dollars for this program, and the private sector $312 million dollars.  So, what that demonstrates is that everyone is working together to put funds in to what must be a very practical and doable program. I did this last year and I'm going to do it again because it's important that you know where your tax dollars have gone.

We have treated 54,444 acres of hazardous fuels, and I cannot tell you how important that is.  Forest fire is something that I know something about, and I travel the California side of the lake and it needs a lot of help.  The fire ladders are all over the place with non-native species that are intensely flammable.  The forest fire that is burning 30 miles over these hills to the west, the winds are westerly and we have a big fire and we have lightning strikes and it starts big fires and it destroys property, it destroys trees, and everything goes into the lake, and decades of work is gone.

We have added 15,800 acres for wildlife habitat.  We have added 2,579 feet of public access to shoreline.  We have created 136 miles of bike and pedestrian routes. And we have inspected, as was just said, and decontaminated thousands of watercraft.

When we began this effort there was no hazardous fuels mitigation.  There was no interaction between the states and the federal government as there is today.  So, the risk of wildfire is tremendous.  I remember it was my birthday a couple of years back, and in Northern California on that day there were 2,200 lightning strikes that started 900 wildfires.  That could be any day, any time, right here.  So, getting property owners to clear around their buildings  is important.  Getting hazardous fuels out of the area is important.  And, I think, paying attention to good fire safe practices is important.  I shudder to think of what that day will be like, but I also know that one day, is is coming.  It has happened here before, and it can happen here again, and we must do everything we can to minimize it.

Who knew, that there was something called a Quagga Mussel and it was at Lake Mead and they reporduce a million eggs for a million Quaggas a year?  And I have a pipe in my office from lake Mead and in 6 months it was entirely filled with quagga mussel shells.  We have to keep the quagga out.  Miss Marchetta was talking about every boat that goes into this lake gets inspected and there's a reason: the Asian clam.  The Tahoe Fund now is going to be doing 5 and a half acres of laying rubber down in Emerald Bay because the Asian clam has drifted to that beautiful bay and we cannot lose it.  So that's an important project and I say to the Tahoe Fund "Thank You, very, very much."

Well, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, myself, and the other senator for Nevada have put together a second bill now, which we are in the process of introducing.  It's $415 million in federal dollars over 10 years: it continues the hazardous fuels reduction with $135 million, it's $113 million for storm water management and watershed restoration, it's $80 million for projects to improve forest health, air and water quality, and fish and wildlife habitat, and it's $30 million to battle invasive species.  This is up $10 million because we think it's really necessary.  We cannot let these creatures get control of this lake.  [applause]  and the bill also invests $30 million in something called the Tahoe Basin Science Program, and this will allow us to direct funds to the most worthy projects that are effective in both monitoring and producing good environmental effects.

With Harry Reid's support, and I mean he's the powerful majority leader of the United States Senate, you can be sure - Right Harry? - Yes. [audience laughs] that the bill will pass the Senate.  We will need help in the House.  The House is not known for doing constructive projects right now.  And so now we need your help to go out there and say "Look, we've done this for 10 years and it's worked." Water clarity is showing us that it has worked. We must continue, and this bill continues the work for all.  And so, I hope, ladies and gentlemen, that this work will go on, that we will see Tahoe improve, and that we will save what is only one of two alpine clear lakes in the world.  The other one, as the leader said, is in Russia, and the ambassador was just telling me that lake has enough clear water in it to be drinking water for 20% of the people in the world.  So it's a huge clear lake and we have the second clear lake and we must keep it that way.  So, thank you, it's been a great 20 years, and now we have to keep going!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hot August Nights 2013 Classic Car show

Over 400 classic cars showed up at the Montbleu resort's Hot August Nights 2013 classic car show, you can see my full classic car gallery on Google+ here.

Highlights of the show included a reporduction custom 1928 ford, a 1939 Cadillac Rosewood coupe, two one-owner Mustangs from the late 60s, and a thorough discussion of how to restore antique and classic cars.

See the full gallery of Classic Car stills here

Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2013 Tahoe Concerts: Brad Paisley, The Village People, Jeff Bridges, Hot August Nights

July 31 - Aug 4 Eddie Ifft / Alysia Wood @ Improv aty Harvey's
August 01 Journey Unauthorized @ Harrah's south shore room
The Polyrythmics @ Live at Lakeview
Ike and Martin @ The Beacon
Harmony Road @ McP's
Angele and the Wildwood Band @ Cottonwood Bar and Grill
Keyser Sose @ Truckee Thursdays
Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics @ Crystal Bay Club
August 2-3 Hot August Nights @ Montbleu
Drop theory @ Bar of America
"Better Late" @ Valhalla boathouse theatre
Dimitri Matheney @ Moody's Bistro
August 02 Arden Park Roots @ Steamers
Drought Relief @Lakeside Inn
4-way street @ McP's
Flanel Fish @ King's Beach
Julie Courtney @ Cottonwood Bar and Grill
Julie Brisbin @ Rubicon Pizza at Northstar
Zepparella / Metal Echo  @ Crystal Bay Club
August 03 The Village People @ Montbleu outdoor ampetheatre
Jeff Bridges and the Abiders @ Harrah's
The Rising Sun, Heavy Glow, Black Pussy @ Whisky Dick's
DJ SN1 @ PEEK Tahoe
DJ Shamonic @ Electric Mushroom
Mystique @ McP's
The Blues Monsters @ Northstar
Carolyn Wonderland / Nick Hook, DJ Streamline @ Crystal Bay Club
August 04 Blue Turtle Seduction @ The Divided Sky
Redneck Sextet @ The Beacon
Gino & Lone Gunmen / Rick Remender @ McP's
Steve Walker Band @ Valhalla
Eddie Roberts West Coast Sound @ Commons Beach
Tahoe Moonshine Muggers @ Zia Lina in Tahoe City
August 05 Bill Mize @ Valhalla
Glen Smith @ McP's
Out of the Blue @ Cottonwood bar and grill
Jim Thackery and the Drivers @ Crystal Bay Club
August 06 Prescription Hugs, Buck Farnsworth, TYMK @ Whisky Dick's
Tahoe Improv Players @ Valhalla
Ben Fuller / Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers @ Squaw Valley
Tracorum @ PJ's bar and grill in Truckee
August 7-11 Rocky LaPorte / Ron Morey @ Improv at Harvey's
August 07 Devin Right @ Valhalla
JG Duo @ McP's
Jodie Sweet @ Donner Lake
Jo Mama @ Truckee Regional Park
August 08 Chicago Tribute Authority @ Harrah's
40 Watt Hype, One Track Mind  @ Live at Lakeview
Big City Shaman @ McP's
Ike and Martin @ The Beacon
David Lunning @ Truckee Thursdays
Tropical vibez pool party w/ DJ Ramone, Dub Fyah, DJ Multipleks @ Tahoe Biltmore
Mountain Standard Time @ Crystal Bay Club
August 9-10 David Lunning @ Moody's Bistro
August 09 Andre Nikatina, Rappin 4-tay, Ekoh heart-hop, Young Duse @ Blu at Montbleu
Whitney Cummings @ Montbleu theatre
DJ Nick V @ PEEK Tahoe
Poindexter, Humble wolf @ Whisky Dick's
Artist in Residence Kit Night @ Valhalla
Elevators @ McP's
Lava Moon @ Bar of America
Connor McAllinden @ Rubicon Pizza co
Annie McCann @ Cottonwood Bar and Grill
Summer House feat.  @ Lakeside at night
Mamma's Cookin @ King's beach
Mingo Fishtrap, Terraplane / Funky Miracle @ Crystal Bay Club
August 10 The Sun Kings Beatles tribute @ Harrah's south shore room
Meteor Shower backpack trip @ Dardenelles lake (hosted by Tahoe young professionals)
Deep Fried Mojo @ The Beacon
Gatsby Murder Mystery Dinner @ Valhalla
Gino and the Lone Gunmen @ McP's
The Core Shots @ Northstar
Brews, Jazz, & Funk Fest @ Squaw Valley
Nigel Hall Band, Lettuce / Downbeat @ Crystal Bay Club

August 11 Dane Reinhardt @ The Beacon
  Glam Cobra @ Boogie Nights @ Montbleu
Velvet Cafe / 4 way street @ McP's
Lava Moon @ Northstar
Milton Merlos @ Zia Lina
Mingo Fishtrap @ Crystal Bay Club
August 13 Steve Brewer @ McP's
Albert Castiglia / Emily Tessmer @ Squaw Valley
August 14-18 Graham Elwood / Chris Mancini @ Improv at Harvey's
August 14 The JKC band @ The Beacon
Anna Helwing w/ Electra Schmidt @ Valhalla
Tone Cookin @ McP's
One Track Mind @ Truckee Regional Park
Judy Tenuta @ Crystal Bay Club
August 15 The Congress @ Live at Lakeview
The Unauthorized Rolling Stones @ Harrah's
Ike and Martin @ The Beacon
Men of Worth @ Valhalla
Odd Fathers @ McP's
The Novelists @ Truckee Thursdays
NVO @ Crystal Bay Club
August 16-17 Neva @ Bar of America
August 16 Kronyak, Sceam, Equinox, Syrax, Bluntstache @ Electric Mushroom
Gravity A, 4 piece puzzle @ Whisky Dick's
Johnny O Band @ The Beacon
Ron's Garage @ McP's
The Northstar Session @ Northstar
JJ Cady @ Rubicon Pizza co
Everest / DJ Mancub, DJ Chango @ Crystal Bay Club
August 17 Dicky Betts & Great Northern @ Harrah's South Shore Room
  Tahoe Summit @ Sand Harbor
Lake of the sky poker ride from Slow Rollers
  Island of Black and White @ Fox and Hound
Big Bad Wolf @ The Beacon
Pat Ellis / Blue Frog blues band @ McP's
Steelin Dan - Steely Dan Tribute @ Crystal Bay Club
August 18 Big Red Blues Band @ The Beacon
Joey Harris / Steve Brewer @ McP's
Tim Snyder @ Zia Lina
Joe Craven Trio @ Commons Beach
August 20 Goosebumpz, s1nth3syS @ Whisky Dick's
Tahoe Improv Players @ Valhalla
Gene Warren @ McP's
Hans Erbach @ Squaw Valley
Neva @ PJ's
Les Claypool's Duo de Twang, Reformed Whores / Trapeze presents the Klown  @ Crystal Bay Club
August 21-25 Ben Gleib / Mike Wilmot @ Improv at Harvey's
August 21 Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Budz, Zion I @ Montbleu
The JKC band @ The Beacon
Artist in Residence: Millicent Meng @ Valhalla
Steve Brewer @ McP's
Keith Shannon @ Tahoe Donner concerts on the green
August 22 Lavish Green, Screaming Meg @ Live at Lakeview
Ill Gates, Amp Live, Beat Karma, Wet Dreamz @ Blu at Montbleu
Life in the Fast Lane Eagles Tribute @ Harrah's
Ike and Martin @ The Beacon
Goodall Boys @ McP's
Mojo Green @ Truckee Thursdays
Leopold and his Fiction @ Crystal Bay Club
August 23-25 Mountain Vibe music festival feat. The Stone Foxes, Forest Day, Jellybread, Lavish Green, Arden Park Roots,

ZuhG, Element of Soul, Gigantis, Space Monkey Gangstas, The Tenderloins, Truckee Tribe, Burnt, Massive Delicious, Livitz Livitz,
South Tahoe Air Show
August 23 Hellbound, Bloody Roots, Deathplant @ Whisky Dick's
Fish Out of Water @ The Beacon
4-way street @ McP's
The McCoy Tyler Band @ King's Beach
Angele @ Rubicon Pizza co
Radar Love (80s tribute) @ Crystal Bay Club
August 24 The Spinners @ Harrah's
Tahoe Show bodybuilding competition @ Montbleu
Boil & Fry crawfish festival feat. The Americans, Arden Park Roots, Weapon, The Infamous Swanks,
and The Parmesans @ Montbleu
Key Lime Pie @ The Beacon
Manic Brothers @ McP's
Fish Out of Water @ Bar of America
Brothers Comatose, Jugtown Pirates / Lonesome Locomotive  @ Crystal Bay Club
August 25 Jeff Jones @ The Beacon
BJ and Friends @ Valhalla
Goodall Boys / Rick Jason @ McP's
Samba Da @ Commons beach
August 26 Gene Warren @ McP's
August 27 Fun. with Tegan and Sarah @ Harvey's Outdoor Ampetheatre
"Playa Party" burning man theme @ Whisky Dick's
Glen Smith @ McP's
Milton Merlos / Nikki Hill @ Squaw Valley
Charles Bradley and the Extraordinaires @ Crystal Bay Club
Aug 28-Sept 1 Willie Barcena / Kat Simmons @ Improv at Harvey's
August 28 The JKC Band @ The Beacon
Ron's Garage @ McP's
Artist in Residence Catherine Lockner @ Valhalla
Emily Tessmer @ Tahoe Donner concerts on the green
Deja Vu @ Truckee river park
August 29 Arden park Roots, Island of Black and White @ Live at Lakeview
Dance to the Music - Sly & the Family Stone tribute @ Harrah's
Ike and Martin @ the Beacon
Jackson and Jesus @ McP's
Mark McKay @ Rubicon Pizza co
Local's Showcase feat. Blues Callin, Aaron Oropreza group, Downbeat, Drop Theory,  @ Truckee Thursdays
Whitney Meyer @ PJ's

August 30 Brad Paisley, Chris Young, Lee Bryce @ Harvey's Outdoor ampetheatre
DJ Crisco Kid @ PEEK Tahoe
The Blues Monsters @ The Beacon
Trunk Monkey @ McP's
Terraplane @ King's Beach
Led Zepagain - Led Zepplin Tribute / Lose your Illusion (GnR tribute) @ Crystal Bay Club
August 31 The Mavericks @ Harrah's
J. Lately, J. Good, Chuuwee, Dirty Rhythm, Heat, Telli Prego @ Whisky Dick's
Whisky Avengers, Weapon @ Classic Cue
Ron's Garage @ McP's
Felix and the Soul Cats @ the Beacon
Mustache Harbor @ Crystal Bay Club
Sept. 1 Afroman, Beach Bum Alcoholics, Jonzen, the Chor Boys @ Whisky Dick's
Allan Miller Trio @ Valhalla
Local's last waltz @ Commons Beach
Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers / Swamp Zen @ Crystal Bay Club

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