Sunday, July 17, 2011

Edgewood Celebrity Golf: Charles Barkeley, Ray Romano, John Ellway...

With its prime location on the shores of Lake Tahoe Edgewood has ranked as one of Tahoe's most beautiful and challenging golf courses since it opened in 1968. Designed by famed golf designer George Fazio, Edgewood Tahoe's 18-hole course has been consistantly rated one of America's top golf courses by Golf Magazine.

It features a brand new, eco-friendly lodge that provides modern amenities for thousands of golfers and spectators while conforming to the strictest environmental standards. The club house will soon be joined by an exclusive LEED-gold certified hotel with over 200 rooms.

Y'know, I've never seen such a star-studded event!  On the practice green alone I saw Dennis Haysbert who plays the president on "24" practicing his putts against tournement favorite Dallas Cowboys
quarterback Tony Romo as well as NFL all-pro quarterback Chris Chandler.  

Afterwards he was cool enough to come over to the railing and sign autographs for his throng of fans. Celebrity golf is one of the few chances most fans get to personally interact with their favorite stars, and I'm just totally amazed at how accessable for autographs everyone was at the practice part of the course.  Even NBA ledgend Charles Barkley stopped on his way from the practice tees to the first hole
to meet and greet all the people there.

At the practice Tees it was the same story with TV star Ray Romano from "Men of a Certain Age" -- I see why "Everybody Loves Raymond" even to this day because he's willing to take the time to be cool and sign for almost every fan who was lucky enough to make it to the railing.

I caught up with Ray Romano's group again at the first hole where I saw Dennis Haysbert tee off against Brain Baumgartner.  (Intro on clip)  ... Looks like Ray's pretty happy about that shot...

Then I caught Chicago Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro teeing off against 16 year professional baseball player and all-star pitcher Brett Saberhagen and Mark Mulder.  The game moved on so I made my way back up the shore.  Edgewood is probably the only golf course in the world where you can watch a major tournement from the deck of your party boat and the shore was just PACKED with boaters watching the final holes from the beach...

It was there that I caught up with the most famous group of the whole tournement, Micheal Jordan, John Elway, and Tony Romo.  Micheal Jordan had such a throng of fans that he had to have a police
escort!  I really only got to see one hole of golf played all the way through, but it was a great hole.  Romo and Jordan both hit long drives along the lake shore, and I caught up with them again
at the end of the hole where Micheal Jordan was stuck in a sand trap when John Elway made one of his famous long putts. 

But, of course, no matter who wins the most famous person always gets the long interview on NBC.

No shout-outs from Jordan, but my producer did get Green Bay Packer's linebacker A. J. Hawk...

Featuring (In order of appearance):
Dennis Haysbert - Actor: "24"
Chris Chandler - NFL quarterback
Tony Romo - NFL Dallas Cowboys
Charles Barkeley - NBA Hall-of-famer for the Phoenix Suns
Ray Romano - Actor: "Men of a Certain Age" and "Everybody Loves Raymond"
Brian Baumgartner - Actor: "The Office"
Vinnie Del Negro - NBA Coach
Brett Saberhagen - MLB Kansas City Royals
Mark Mulder - MLB Oalkand A's
John Ellway - NFL Denver Broncos
Michael Jordan - NBA Chicago Bulls
A. J. Hawk - NFL Green Bay Packers

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