Sunday, December 11, 2011

Exploring new trails

Lost Gloves in the dog park

You find all the most interesting things on the back trails of Tahoe... Me and my dog were out taking a walk in the dog park... I took a side trail to avoid a dog at the dog park and accidentally found a trail that runs all the way to Zephyr Cove!

I found myself way at the other end of Nevada Beach back behind Our Lady of Tahoe Catholic church, a place I've hiked 8 miles round trip to get to the long way before.

Our Lady of Tahoe in Round Hill

At least now I have a good loop route to the mail in roundhill and back and don't have to walk the same, very steep trail back. On the way back I spotted some power trandformers I had always wondered about and decided to go exploring again.

Power Station behind Kingsbury Middle School

 I found myself all the way back up by Chimney rock.  Not far from the power station I found this super-cool alien head with the caption "KNOW" spelled out in sticks  in a clearing off a back trail I never even knew existed, that I only found because I happened to take that side trail to see the power station.

The truth is out there...
I ultimately wound up way up on middle Kingsbury where the civic "Happy Holidays" sign is looking a little shabby without the deep snow that usually covers the rock face behind it...

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