Monday, May 28, 2012

Official Proof: Slow Rollers is the worlds longest bicycle parade

Slow Rollers 2012 Bicycle Parade through Lake Tahoe

On May 17, 2012 the group made an attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records  as the world's longest bicycle parade.  The previous record-holder, Davis, CA was a 916 person bike parade in 2010.  According to the organizers this event drew over 1888 registered participants, which, if they are willing to accept our proof will easily break the record for both world's longest and world's largest bicycle parade.

The event was exceptionally well attended and a huge costumed crowd turned out to participate in this event.  I went out to the Slow Rollers event with my camera and made this video of ALL 1180+ bicycles going past my location and put it up on my youtube channel complete with the idea that it might get used as official proof... I really didn't think much more about it than that, until the organizers saw my video on YouTube and decided to actually take me up on my offer of proof, so I'm proud to report that my video is now in their hands and will be officially submitted to Guinness (along with TahoeSouth's excelent promotional video and LakeTahoeWeather's video of the other side of them) as proof of their attempt! 


I want to congradulate the organizers on pulling off this long and hard-to-organize parade and share the few still pictures I got while out that day with you guys... It's a new world record, folks, go out and celebrate it.