Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Vlogging: America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride and Wagon Train 2012 in Lake Tahoe

Peloton of bicyclists passes in front of bicycle-themed Art box
America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride was June 3rd, 2012.  I was out there with my camera filming it and the Wagon Train for my YouTube channel. I somehow had the strange idea I could make a movie with no plan at all and get away with it. 

Unfortunately my good microphone had a dead battery after the first standup and I had to resort to using my camera mic next to a busy highway.  I appologize for how highly processed the audio sounds in places, but trust me you'd like it better than the original.

Rider coming in to second lap in front of Montbleu casino
Group of America's Most Beautiful Bike Riders
coming in to the finish line behind the Horizon.
Over 3500 people participated in America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride.  The bike race went 144 miles around Lake Tahoe twice, and the bikes got pretty much scattered around the lake. 

Since I hadn't planned at all, the strech of lake shore I wound up in had almost no bicycles on it at all!  I got some great footage of two parasailers on Lake Tahoe at the same time and had a fun time down on the beach with my dog biting the water, but I didn't see many bikes.

So I headed back towards Stateline to the finish line of the race at Horizon casino resort, in the hope I'd find more bicycles there.   

On the way, I ran into the 61st Annual Highway 50 Wagon Train around Ski Run Blvd.  This leg of the wagon train began that morning at Zephyr Cove and were wagon training to the Lake Tahoe Airport on the south end of town that afternoon to camp out for the night before heading down Highway 50, ultimately to Camino, CA. 
Sea to Shining Sea bicyclists celebrate crossing the state line

Another unexpected find out that day was the Sea To Shining Sea Bike Riders who were having their state line crossing ceremony that day. This group of bicycle riders has been riding across America to honor wounded veterans and have visited 13 states so far (now including Nevada.)
Fan cheering the bicycles arriving in Stateline