Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tahoe Show Bodybuilding competition

The organizers of the 2nd Annual Tahoe Show bodybuilding competition were kind enough to give me a press pass to cover their amazing bodybuilding show this year; and I got so much footage I had to make two different videos to fit it all.  Part 1 below is the Teen Men's and Novice Middleweight Men's divisions. 

You can get a full 2 hour DVD of the Tahoe Show from Tahoe Production House.

Featured Men's competitors include:
  • Kyle Habib
  • Daniel Pelasios
  • John Barnes
  • Grant Higgens
  • Giovanni Chiasa
  • Buster Litton
  • Ken Paczkowski
Featured vendors in part 1 include:

    Tahoe Show Women's Fitness and Physique Divisions

  • Contestants:
Val Phillips
Cynthia Johnson
Lisa Kessler
Casandra Chandler
Cynthia Smalley
Renee Lyman
Yolanda Glasser