Saturday, September 22, 2012

20th Annual Great Lake Tahoe Sternwheeler Race

The fairest sight the whole earth affords... Lake Tahoe.
I went out on the Tahoe Queen for the 20th Annual Great Lake Tahoe Sternwheeler races this last Labor day. thanks to a media ticket fromTony Lyle of Lake Tahoe Cruises. Captain Jerry Summers put on a great race against the MS Dixie II, and I captured it all in high definition... Check out my video of the event below:

"All passengers to the stern," the captain said
"We need more weight in the stern, they're gaining on us!"

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There's a parasailer interfering in the race course
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Dixie got the trophy, Tahoe Queen got the Barton bedpan
 "cuz you'd have done better to stay in bed that day"