Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day Parade in Tahoe South

The South Lake Tahoe 2015 4th of July Parade 
4th of July is a busy time in Lake Tahoe and the town was totally packed this year.  Walking by Lakeview commons I noticed that practically all of the good lakefront seating to watch the fireworks was already taken despite the fact that there was rain in the forecast.

Despite the fact that the parade ran almost half the length of town from Rufus Allen Boulevard all the way to the Y, there was a considerable crowd of tourists lining highway 50 to watch the parade pass Lakeview Commons and El Dorado beach.

4th of July on El Dorago Beach Gallery on Google+
Backstage at the Park and Rec center I caught up with former mayor of South Lake Tahoe Tom Davis.  "Here we are on July 4th, 2015.  I hope the weather is going to cooperate today.  This is our nation's birthday and I am very proud to be in the parade along with all of our community.  This is a great community event every year."

I spoke with +JoAnn Conner of Golden Bear Events, organizer of the parade.  "This is the 4th annual South Lake Tahoe 4th of July parade assembling by the parks and recreation and we're going to proceed down Highway 50.  We have as our grand marshal John Felis, a US Marine Corps veteran of World War II.  We have every branch of the services represented here, Air Force, Marines, Army, Coast Guard and Navy and we also have veterans of everything from WWII to the Korean war to Vietnam all the way up to Afghanistan and Iraq.  They're all here as well as a lot of businesses and vintage vehicles that are out here supporting this parade.

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