Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Proof The National Republican Campaign Comittee STOLE my YouTube videos:

I used to be the videographer for the Democratic party in Douglas County, Nevada.  I still maintain the YouTube archive of the videos I made.  I recently saw two commercials on local TV out of Reno  channel that violate the copyright to my YouTube videos... Both are National Republican Campaign Comittee sponsored ads against Kate Marshall, which is SAD, because Kate Marshall is my favorite politician in the whole state of Nevada. 

The one where she says "I'm in Charge of your money, You have less money today than you did yesterday." is taken from my video "Nevada Treasurer Kate Marshall (NV Blue 03)" The original in its full context is actually a really effective speech.  See for yourself:

Unfortunately, this NRCC video isn't on YouTube yet, and the commercial director has scrambled the video and added text so I can't give an exact comparison, but if you see it on local TV in Reno you should notice the same podium and the same garish "Douglas County Democratic Party" banner in the background of the video and the exact words she says in the ad from 30 to 38 seconds.

UPDATE: Here's the NRC video in question:

This isn't the first video they've stolen from my YouTube channel! Last week they took a clip
where she says "I'm your state treasurer and you have some money, but not a lot." from my video "Kate Marshall - BBQ 07" -- BUT THIS ONE IS ON YOUTUBE so I can dive exact comparisons:

You can see their video at: http://youtu.be/p56LBV1z3Qg - compare the shot from 17 to 23 seconds
with the shot from 1:38 to 1:45 in my video at: http://youtu.be/8VvkwVN7Exw 

Notice the tent in the background and the exact phrasing... It's the exact same shot, but zoomed in to get rid of my title.

I have filed a copyright complaint on YouTube and left a note to all my Democrat friends on Facebook and Google Plus


My DMCA against the Mark Amodei campaign was successfull and got the two videos I was complaining about in the day taken down, YouTube does not rule on the validity of DMCA claims, but the campaign never bothererd to file a counter-claim so we can take that as an admission that the videos in question are, in fact, stolen from My YouTube channel.

So he made 3 more videos using the exact same footage and put them on another channel, by which time the campaign was over and he had won. He went on to be a co-sponsor of the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House.