Friday, August 5, 2011

Wanderlust 2011 in Squaw Valley

Come with me to Wanderlust 2011 yoga, arts, and music festival in Squaw Valley, California.  We talk to organizers Sean Hoess and Jeff Krasno, artists Keoki Flagg and Charles Ekabhumi Ellik, as well as vendors for Wanderlust, Giam, Global Good, Eden's Rose foundation, Tahoe Made, Tahoe Teas, and more. 

Features "So Sweet" and "Om Namah Shivaya" by Steve Gold and Stoned on Shiva (Used by permission) If you like his music his YouTube channel is:

The Anusara Village video features slackrope walking from Yoga Slackers, acrobats by manduka, and a Dr Nefertiti Rashid from Ananda college of living wisdom.

A full version of all three of these videos plus full-length versions of the music videos and an exclusive music video of Michael Frenti and Spearhead can be found at

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