Friday, September 23, 2011

Lake Tahoe Dog Show - Sept. 25 at Nevada Beach

The Lake Tahoe Dog Show
12-3PM Sunday September 25th
Nevada Beach dog area
Open to all dogs big and small, free to enter, win prizes, see your dog on TV and YouTube
This will be a made for TV event, each dog will get the chance to show why he or she is TOP DOG
10 seconds of introduction, 20 secnds of action, beach play, agility course, or "special talent"
It's like "American Idol" for dogs!
Limit 75 dogs at once, Each dog must have a human handler: 5 dogs = 5 people. 
All posted rules for dogs must be obeyed.
Sponsored by: Tahoe Network Television, Fabulous Lake Tahoe, True Value hardware, and Dog Dog Cat.

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