Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TNTV Exclusive: "I Cleaned out Barney Chartrand's Safe!"

During the recent remodel of the former Bills Casino in Stateline, NV a safe belonging to previous owner Barney Chartrand was discovered by new owner Joe Laub.  Barney died mysteriously in an unsolved car bombing in 1968... An exceptionally well-made safe, it resisted every attempt to open it.  According to the Tahoe Daily Tribune Oprah Winfrey paid for a locksmith to discover what was inside and air it first on her new cable network. -- I just scooped Oprah!  I just got this exclusive interview from the man who actually cleaned out Barney Chartrand's safe at the old Barney's casino before it was sold the first time. 

Check out the YouTube video below for our exclusive interview.

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