Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wagon Train Parade 2014

The 65th annual Highway 50 Wagon Train 
 The first Sunday in June is one of my favorite annual filmmaking adventures because I get to shoot America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride and the Wagon Train parade on the same day.  This year I wanted to get the wagon train in a more rural setting, so instead of walking west to get it passing through South Lake Tahoe (like I did in my 2010 video) , I went East to get it going over the hill into round hill.  To sign up for next year's Wagon Train visit the Highway 50 Wagon Train Association website.

Wagon Master Matthew Shug and wife

I was pleased to see that a lot of the people in the parade recognized me personally after the video I made last year interviewing them all at the 2013 Wagon Train Rondezvous.  Since Wagon Train is a pretty tight-knit organization I saw many of the same people I interviewed last year including Davy "Doc" Weiser and wagonmaster Mathew Shug.  

If your browser does not support embedded Google+ galleries click here for the Wagon Train 2014 gallery.

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